Disability Specialist

Disability Specialist ®

This is the undisputed Case Management Software Leader in Social Security Disability. Our industry leading software provides an innovative new way to manage firms and individual cases dealing directly with Social Security Disability

  • Social Security Disability is one of the fastest growing law specializations in the US and continuing to grow. Success in this area depends on your ability to easily administer the complexities of each claim as you take on more cases.
  • Disability Specialist ® is the leading software tool designed to seamlessly and efficiently manage the SSD claims process to free up your precious time.
    Nowhere else can a law practice find such a comprehensive tool to manage its SSD caseload from beginning to end with document management, document assembly, calendars for case tracking and client time and billing, notes, tasks, messaging, and extensive tracking and management reports.


  • Extensive Contacts Database
  • Case Tracking
  • Fee Tracking
  • Case Notes
  • Hours Clocked
  • Document & Report Merging
  • Over 100 Reports
  • Custom Templates
  • Windows’ Style Tabbed Format
  • 2-Click Form Completion
  • Submit Forms Electronically
  • Flexible Search Engine
  • Telephone & Email Support
  • Calendar Plug-In Available