Make Your Everyday Law Firm Services Simple with a Document Management System

This document management system is evolving and law firms everywhere are going paperless. With Wings® document management system, you won’t need to worry about managing security, backups, and upgrades since we will manage it for you. Wings® is fast becoming, the secure and document management system that law firms of all sizes can utilize to store, manage and provide the ultimate protection of their client case files.

Key Benefits of a Document Management System

Simplified Communication

  • Eliminate unnecessary phone expenses
  • Exceptional client services with efficient software features in real time
  • Interactive Client Portal
  • Instantaneous updates
  • Automated email communication with clients
  • Enhanced team communication with Internal Chat

Seamless Document Management

  • Automatic document population
  • Consistent case data updates
  • Comprehensive file management system instant access
  • Dynamic customization of standard forms and templates
  • Maximize productivity
  • Common SSA Forms provided

Innovative Reporting & Tracking

  • Report Wizard: effortlessly compile your data, create individualized reports, & track important information
  • Maximize billable hours with efficient time & billing tracking
  • Calendar Integration: merge tasks, date and deadline automation, and team schedule access

User-Friendly Operation

  • Accelerate growth and increase revenue with Crocodile Handshake
  • 24/7 Cloud-based access
  • Drag, drop & save documents from your desktop to view immediately
  • Easy migration of existing data
  • Free Initial Training
  • MAC & iPad Compatibility

Automation & Integrations

  • Disability Planners Integration automatically scans your database and transfers claimant information to Disability Planners and provides a monthly report
  • ReleasePoint Integration automatically downloads medical records from their site and transfers those records directly into the individual claimant’s file plus sends a notice to the case manager/or office administrator
  • Atlasware Integration automatically uploads and transfers all SSA files downloaded by them directly into the individual claimant’s file folder along with a notice to the case manager and/or the office administrator
  • Leading Response Integration allows sales leads to be transferred automatically from their Leads Management system into Wings®

Top-level Security

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Biometrically locked servers
  • Complete HIPAA compliance
  • SSL Encryption
  • Extensive daily backups performed on secure U.S.-based servers
  • Routine software and infrastructure updates
  • Traffic flowing behind an enterprise-class firewall

Get Organized with Our Document Management System today!

With the Wings® document management system, you can obtain document management that’s seamless, streamline lead generation, and simplify communication, which will allow your firm to thrive. Gain the competitive edge you have been looking for with our document management system! To get a better understanding of the Wings® Software, explore our video tour below where we provide an overview of the program’s features.